Welcome to The Fitness Unit

A community gym where everyone is welcome!

The Fitness Unit is a friendly family run gym with a strong focus on transforming people’s lives through health and wellbeing. It opened in 2007 by Mother & Daughter Anita & Rachel Bond.

They have over 30 years’ experience in the health and fitness business between them.  and they want you to look and feel amazing!

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The Fitness Unit have been running their transformation program for over 15 years helping hundreds of people transform their bodies and their lives. Their program is a combination of physical fitness, body composition, nutrition, mindset and accountability

They will educate you on Nutrition & Exercise as well as covering other health aspects that may be limiting your results like sleep, stress and hormones.

They guide you through small changes that lead to big results.


After an initial consultation and assessment with one of our expert Personal Trainers you will be assigned a program and level that fits best with your goals needs and commitments.  A program that pushes you physically to achieve more than you ever thought possible and a nutritional plan that educates you to manage your diet for life without giving up on all your favourite things.

There are 3 levels of membership and 3 styles of training to fit in with your investment, goals, and lifestyle. Together you chose the program and level best suited to you.


Transformation Premium

A mentorship program for those looking to completely change their lifestyle.

Fun and effective workouts.

Personalised Nutrition Analysis & Planning.

Personalised Monthly Lifestyle Plan.

Daily Check-In.

Weekly Accountability Meeting.


Transformation Plus

For those that want to get into the best shape of their lives.

Fun and effective workouts.

Monthly Lifestyle Plan.

Weekly Accountability Check-In.

Nutritional Analysis.

Transformation Program

For those looking to build more activity and workouts into their lives.

Fun and Effective workouts online or in person.

Weekly emails to look at all aspects of your lifestyle.


All our programs are run by one of our team of expert Personal Trainers to ensure that you get the best out of every single workout. Our transformation program will educate you in correct techniques whilst enjoying a fun and effective workout. We use MyZone heart rate technology to ensure you have a safe and effective workout every time you train.

1:1 Personal Training

We are all different with different goals and needs, we react differently to food and exercise. Some of us cannot commit to regular times and days and need to fit training in around our work and family commitments. Personal Training is specific to your goals and needs, its tailored to you alone.


Small Group Personal Training

Work out in a small group with like-minded people training up close with a personal trainer. Learning effective techniques and protocols to continually progress your workouts.

Group Personal Training

For those that enjoy working out in a group environment and being part of a gym community. Varied workouts including Weight Training, Boxercise, Hiit, Cross Training and our signature Saturday and Sunday Shred Workouts.

The Fitness Unit

Anita, Rachel, and the team of Personal Trainers at The Fitness Unit will teach you how to maximise your results whilst still enjoying all your favourite foods and having a social life too.

Whether you are starting a new regime, lost your mojo or needing a boost there is always a personal trainer at The Fitness Unit to help you

For many of you starting out on your health and fitness journey making changes in the early stages can be tough so we are on hand to support you.

Do you want to look and feel amazing?

Are you looking for fun and effective workouts?

Do you want someone to motivate you and support you?

Do you want to learn about nutrition and how to drop bodyfat without giving up your favourite foods?

Do you need someone to be accountable to?

Whether you train online, face to face in a group, small group or 1:1 you will always be taught by one of our experienced personal trainers