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Are you looking to improve your health and fitness? Are you looking for motivation and support together with fun and effective workouts and a flexible eating approach, Are you looking for real results that you can maintain?
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25 Years Of Experience As A Personal Trainer And Nutrition.

Services That We Offer

MyZone Workouts - Group Workouts - Small Group Personal Training - 1:1 Personal Training - Online Lift Lean workouts - Nutritional Analysis and Planning - Fitness Pilates - Freestyle Fitness Yoga - Barre Strength

Buggybeat Workouts

Workouts For new mums and dads to get back in shape

Personal Trainer

PT for a program designed for your goals

Online Training

Our Lift Lean program is for those who cannot get to the gym

Live Group Workouts

Enjoy the support of working out in a group with a personal trainer

Small Group PT

Train in a small group with like-minded people but up close with a personal trainer


We have created membership plans to give you affordable training and flexible payment options Using our expertise we will find a program that suits your needs and one that you will enjoy. We will coach you towards a healthy lifestyle where exercise and good food becomes a way of life.

Free Online Membership

£ 0 Monthly
  • Short Workouts to do at Home
  • Nutrition Recipes
  • Nutrition Meal Plan

Lift Lean Online Membership

£ 10 Weekly
  • Fun And Effective Daily Live Workouts
  • Live Support
  • Shopping List Meal Plans
  • Nutrition Recipes
  • Accountability Checks
  • Daily Challenges To Keep It Interesting

Lift Lean Online Membership

£ 35 Monthly
  • Fun And Effective Daily Live Workouts
  • Live Support
  • Shopping List Meal Plans
  • Nutrition Recipes
  • Accountability checks
  • Daily Challenges To Keep It Interesting

Gym membership

£ 69 Monthly
  • Unlimited Main Group PT Workouts
  • Personal Trainer Support
  • Shopping List
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Regular Assessments
  • Group Motivation & Daily Challenges
  • Nutritional Guidance & Support

Free Macro Guide

  1. Examples of various diet strategies and MACRO percentages to make your life easier
  2. Calorie days for each diet plan from 1,000, 1,250, 1,500, 1,750….. all the way up to 3,500calories daily
  3. More than one example for each plan to keep things different and varied
  4. Ketogenic, Carb Cycling like Low, Medium and High Carb ideas
  5. Occasional emails with good quality information to keep helping you along the way in your journey
  6. WE LOVE THIS INDUSTRY…… We want to help bring some clarity to those unsure what to do

Health & Nutrition Articles

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