Rachel Bond

Rachel Bond

“I can help you lose weight, feel confident and guarantee results for your special day, holiday or for health and happiness!

I will do this by offering the support and motivation within my training sessions. My sessions with you will be fun friendly and challenging but will also help you get the results you want. I want you to look and feel amazing.

As a Personal Trainer I feel it is important for my clients to feel like they have worked hard and achieved their goals. To do this, we can work together with regular weekly or fortnightly check-ins to review your progress and constant support. You will learn how to maximise your fat loss, maintain a healthy weight, and still enjoy the odd glass of vino or if you are like me the odd chocolate cake too.”

Anita Bond

“I am passionate about health and fitness and have been since I was at junior school (a long time ago!). I do not class myself as a “health freak” I like to enjoy a bag of crisps and the odd savoury snack now and again and I want to educate you so that you too can enjoy the odd treat along with enjoying the exercise. It is all about getting the right balance and being in control.

The programs that I run are designed to enable my clients to move freely and without pain. Whether you have an injury or are suffering with mobility issues I will use my Orthopaedic qualifications, expertise and experience to help you.

Age is just a number!