12 Simple steps for  weight loss that don’t cost a penny!

It’s that time of year when everyone’s over indulged and money is tight as we wait for payday to come.

Here’s my top 12 basic steps that will enable you to kick start a healthy routine without spending a penny.

Follow these small changes and see a big difference in as little as 2 weeks

  1. Reduce your stress levels. Stress can be a major reason that many people find it difficult to shift body fat. If you carry your weight around your middle, then this could be a sign. Take time out for yourself to relax and do the things you enjoy will not only reduce your stress levels but will also minimise the risk of any resentment building up towards your job, family or partner.
  2. Weigh and measure yourself and record it on myfitnesspal.com. Update it once a week at the same time of day to get a good comparison. You may like to take a before picture too as it’s great to look back on when the weight is shifting.
  3. Record everything, yes everything that you eat and drink on myfitnesspal for 7 days. Make sure you include a typical weekend too so that you get the whole picture of your calorific and nutritional intake. Eat for your activity level and notice any patterns that appear when you go off track. Are you an emotional eater?
  4. Eat for your level of activity. The world of calories and nutrients is a very complicated and very personal to each and every one of us. We are all built differently and all have different reactions to various food groups. In order to simplify things, use this calculation to work out how many calories you should have each day or as an average over 7 days. It is based on a person that does 3 hours exercise a week.

Your Weight in KG x 1.4 x 22 (males) or 24 (Females) = the number of calories to maintain your weight. For every 1lb per week you want to lose deduct 500 calories per day but we don’t recommend going under 1250 per day

Have a 12-hour gap between your last meal of the day and your breakfast

  1. Take back control. If you cannot survive without that chocolate, coffee or glass of wine then you need to take control back. I am not talking about the things you enjoy this is the stimulants that have taken control of you.
  2. Eat more vegetables and less fruit. Include green vegetables as often as you can and at every meal time if possible. Vegetables help to detoxify the system as well as giving you lots of valuable nutrients. Reduce your fruit to berries where possible and stick to portion sizes. Fruits are a sugar so it’s important to monitor your intake
  3. Eat more protein too and try to stick to real foods, no low fat or sugar free, cook as many meals as you can
  4. Drink more water. Staying hydrated is so important for health. Water transports minerals and nutrients around the body as well as removing waste and toxins. It keeps the joins lubricated which makes it easier to keep mobile. 1 litre for every 25kg of weight is a good guide. Drink extra if you exercise.
  5. Do more exercise, there are so many free workouts on the internet that there really is no excuse, get a friend to join you to make you more accountable. Walk whenever you can or run if you are able to again there are lots of free running groups to join.
  • Everything in moderation. Don’t restrict your diet as you are likely to fail, we are looking at a lifestyle change here where 80% is good, healthy and nutritious and 20% is whatever you like.
  • Sleep well. Rest and recovery are vital for the body to process nutrients and repair from the day’s activities. Don’t eat within 3 hours of bedtime and keep your mobile switched off to ensure a good sleep.
  • Ask for support whether it’s from a partner or a work colleague it makes it much easier if others are on your side.

This guide is a very basic guide if you suffer from any medical conditions or have not exercised in a while then consult your GP before embarking on any new regime. This is just a snippet of the areas that our Fat Loss Program covers but there is enough in this article to get you results.

If you need further help with you weight loss goals, then please do get in touch