We all know that salad is nutritious and healthy but it should not be your main source of food as it does not contain enough nutrients

to keep the body healthy and functioning.

Whilst a salad can provide Vitamin C Fibre and Potassium amongst other nutrients it needs to be added to a good source of protein.

Protein is essential for us to survive as it helps us produce hormones, neurotransmitters, and enzymes for example, it assists in cellular

function and growth and repair of our muscles. Insufficient protein intake makes it very difficult for our body to function op­timally.

Remember muscle tissue burns body fat, to build quality lean muscle you need adequate protein intake. Eating protein regularly

throughout the day replenishes lost amino acids and boosts metabolism as it causes a thermo genic effect within the body, meaning

it has to work hard to digest the protein burning calories in the process.

We also get the following essential nutrients from protein;

Omega-3 fatty acids  – good for the heart

Calcium  – to keep your bones strong

Vitamin B-12  – for healthy nerves and red blood cells

Vitamin D –  important for growth and development

Zinc – immune system, digestion and metabolism

So you can see how your body will suffer if all you eat is salad

Each day aim to hit your protein goal, to calculate this:


2 x lean mass in kg.

For eg 2 x 50kg lean mass=100g protein per day

Consume this over 4-6 feedings per day


3 x lean mass in kg.

For eg 3 x 80kg lean mass=240g protein per day

Consume this over 4-6 feedings per day

The following are great sources of protein that can easily be added to your salad











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