Ladies and Weight training for fat loss

There are many reasons that women are concerned about weight training even though it’s one of
the best ways to tone up and drop body fat in addition to having many other HEALTH benefits

The most common concern I hear from clients who I recommend weight training to is
“I don’t want to bulk up and look too muscly”. Many women think that by weight training they will look like a body builder.

They do not appreciate how strict your diet needs to be and how much training time it takes to bulk up muscle. Unless they are going to spend 6 hours a day training for 7 days a week there is no way this will happen. Women have a much lower level of testosterone in their body and a woman’s hormonal makeup is not designed to add large amounts of muscle mass.

Another reason that females don’t weight train is that most gyms have an area of free weights that is dominated by men grunting and groaning and most women find this too intimidating or just don’t feel comfortable.

The third reason is that most females (and a lot of males too) don’t know what to do. You need a good personal trainer to correct your technique and posture in order to minimise the risk of injuries and ensure that you progress.

The NHS recommends that both males and females have an exercise regime that includes muscle strengthening activities on two or more days a week to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and type-2 diabetes. From an image point of view we would all love to have toned legs, a nice pert bottom, flat stomach and arms that look good in sleeveless tops. Weight training will give you nice lean muscle tissue which will strip the fat out of your body!

Choose a body conditioning workout first using light weights and more reps to tone your muscles and prepare them for strength training then find a good weight training program or class where you have a periodised program that monitors your progress and includes conditioning strength and endurance.

If you are going to work hard in the gym to get the body you want then you also need to ensure you have enough rest and recovery between training sessions. If this is neglected, then you will not see results. Equally you need to adjust your diet and nutrition and use your food as fuel we suggest following a 80/20 rule 80% clean healthy food and hydration and 20% eat the foods that you enjoy.

Weigh training is the focus of our fat loss program with periods of conditioning, endurance and strength to build lean muscle tissue that in turn will strip the fat out of your body. Get it right and it will be fat burning whilst you sleep!

If you are not sure what to do then ask a good personal trainer for help.