When it comes to making lifestyle changes, eating healthy and staying active, joining a gym is one of the first considerations. 

A privately owned gym is a better option for people who feel intimidated about exercise and the environment they workout in.  This type of gym gives a very personal service to its clients building a community of like minded clients that motivate and support each other.

The personal trainers are client focused and results driven ensuring that each client gets the best out of every workout. 

The training is cost effective as well as time effective too. Training in groups enables you to benefit from the knowledge of a Personal Trainer but sharing the cost with others in a small group.The workouts are structured highly effective sessions to give the client a progressive program that gets results. 

Being part of a small private gym gives you accountability towards both your Personal Trainer and the other members too. You book your place on your workout with your trainer and commit to the session. 

Equipment is always available as are the trainers to ensure that you know exactly how to use it effectively and minimise the risk of injury. The trainers ensure that you don’t give up when the going gets tough.

Results depend heavily on the right workout, the right diet, consistency and the right form. Without someone there to check you when your form is off, help you develop a routine and an appropriate diet, and hold you accountable for when you miss a workout, you could easily lose your focus, momentum and motivation. 

Motivation comes from knowing you are getting results and are part of a community too. It promotes action. The trainers know when you don’t turn up to a workout, they care when you don’t turn up to a workout. There is no hiding place

As more people realise that these small private gyms offer the best service to their clients the more popular they become.  Look for a small facility that offers more focused workouts enabling you to train smart and give you the results you want and need.