How do you stay motivated?

January is the busiest time for people starting a new health and fitness regime but bodybuilding.com State that 73% of them will not continue and half of those will give up within 6 weeks of starting. According to Statistic Brain 67% of people who have a gym membership don’t use it.

I believe the main reason people stop is due to the gym environment itself. They sign you up show you the equipment and maybe a program to follow and that’s it, you are on your own. You start your program and the first couple of weeks you see great results, this in turn motivates you to go back. Once your body has adapted to this new regime the results become less and in turn you feel less motivated so when something else comes up you skip the session and then another and then another and before you know it you are paying for a membership and haven’t been for months.

The key to staying motivated is in the results,  after all we all lead busy lives so why waste our time on something that we don’t feel is working. In my experience the best way round this is to work with a good personal trainer and whilst you may not be able to afford to hire a trainer on a 1:1 basis you could book in for classes or onto a program with other people which makes it more affordable. A good trainer or class will ensure that your body is constantly being challenged which will ensure your results.

Follow these tips and don’t add yourself to the statistic

  1. Reassess your goals on a regular basis, our goals change as we progress and all goals are personal to you.
  2. Enjoy what you do. Choose a program that you enjoy and have fun. If it feels like a slog then it becomes tedious and your motivation will soon drop.
  3. Look at how motivated you are in other aspects of your life. Think about your achievements so far, this is great to reaffirm your self-belief and adopt the “I can and I will do this” attitude.
  4. Reward yourself with a non-food item when you reach a goal – maybe a new piece of gym wear or a smaller size outfit, look good feel good.
  5. Track your progress. Knowing the impact of your actions is a great motivation to continue. Don’t focus on one thing if all you monitor is your weight then the week when you don’t lose will have a negative impact. Look at measurements, fat loss, strength gain and fitness Think about how you feel and how your clothes are fitting. The scales can be your worst enemy when all you are looking at is your weight. Would you rather be a size smaller or be the same size but lighter on the scales. Body image plays a big part in this
  6. Book in to a class or with a trainer and put it into your diary. Exercise with a  trainer who understands your needs and exercise with people who have similar goals. They will make you feel comfortable and help keep you motivated too. They will also know if you don’t turn up whereas doing your own program in the gym no one knows if you are there or not so if you miss a session no one cares as long as you have paid for it.
  7. Think about the difference achieving these goals will mean to you. Write them down and put them on the fridge as a constant reminder of what you are working towards. Instead of saying I want to be slimmer – thing about what this will enable you to do, maybe it’s having a bigger choice of clothes to wear and  instead of you want to be fitter –  think about what will this enable you to do, running around with the children, take up a sport or staying active as you get older.
  8. Tell your family and friends your goals – this makes you accountable and you are more likely to stick to it. Ask a friend to join you and go together this makes it a social event too. I am sure you have friends who all have the same goals
  9. Set yourself realistic goals not just I want to lose a stone look at your dress or belt size and write down what size would make you happy. Set your long term goal (12 months) then break it down into short term goals (3 months). This gives you a short term focus that’s achievable
  10. Write a post on a regular basis to let people know how you are doing. You may inspire others to do the same

We encourage all our clients to be assessed, weighed and measured every 2 weeks to keep them on track. We have clients that have been continually training with us for over 10 years and their goals have changed several times during that period. Think about your gym fees as an investment in your health. Healthy mind and healthy body are essential for living a long and happy life

If you need further help in establishing your goals or have any questions, then please do get in touch