Fruit is good for you it’s healthy right? so I can eat as much as I want. I know its sugar but it’s a natural sugar.

Whilst the above is all true fruit is still a sugar and its addictive!

Sugar increases our insulin level which in turn increases our appetite encouraging us to over eat and put on weight

Fruit has good vitamin/mineral content but then so have vegetables out the same level of sugar.

As fruit is high in sugar (fructose) the less active you are, the less fruit you should look to consume daily.

Berries have a lower glycaemic content than many other fruits and with them being dark in nature, they have higher phytonutrient and antioxi­dant potential so tend to be the favourable fruits to consider when first starting out.

Keep fruits limited to berries in the first two weeks of your healthy regime and then gradually introduce other fruits back into your diet but limit it to 2 portions per day

Cutting out foods is never a good idea unless you have allergies –  balance is the important thing Check your portion size and choose fresh organic fruit where possible

Don’t be fooled by dried fruit either as this contains far more sugar than you think. There can be around 90 raisins in a small box! You are unlikely to be able to eat 90 grapes all at once.

Just remember that bears will gorge themselves on berries before they hibernate as the sugar turns into fat reserves that they use to survive on during the winter.

Everything in moderation

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