When is the best time to train? I often get asked this question and wished there was a straight forward answer as I would pack my gym out at those times.

There are several factors that need to be considered not least; What type of exercise are you planning? What is the purpose of your training? and most importantly when can you train?

According to some experts the ideal times are 10am for cardio and 4pm for weights but let’s face it very few people

can train at those times so you really do need to find a time that works for you.

There is no point in committing to workout times that make it difficult for you to stick to. Consider your family and work commitments and then plan times that are realistic and that you know you can stick to.

Training on an empty stomach has been shown to have health and fitness benefits especially if you exercise first thing in the morning before eating. Training on an empty stomach may force your body to burn fat.

If you are stressed then you may suffer from high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. If left high this can have a detrimental effect on our muscles. This is highest in the morning so again this would be a good time to train and lower the level first thing.

Most scientific studies have shown that strength improves during the day so a visit to the gym straight after work may be better for those on a strength training program.

The one thing I would say especially if you have a stressful job and tend to work late is that if you can get a workout in before work then it is done and no matter how long a day you have you have still managed to fit in your exercise and will feel better all day for it.

Having trained hundreds of clients over the years it is evident that the clients who skip a workout because they are stuck at work tend to resent the jobs that they do. This in turn makes them less productive the next day and so the circle starts again.

Make time for your workouts, schedule them in your calendar and book in with your trainer / gym.

Make yourself accountable too, I expect to see a 2lb drop in weight or a .5% drop in body fat every 2 weeks with my fat loss clients. Those lifting weights then it’s a 5% increase in either weights or repetitions each week depending on your goals.

Clients are booked in either on a 1:1 Semi Private or Group Training program where they train 3 times a week and are assessed every 2 weeks. If you are not assessing on a regular basis how do you know your training is working?

If you are getting results you are more likely to stick to your plan!