Gym Programs

Fitness Unit Gym Programs

Group Training

  • For those who want a coach to motivate and support them
  • For those who want a coach who teaches them effective workouts
  • Those who want, weights, cardio, pump, boxing, Hiit, functional training, and much more all incorporated into one fun workout system
  • For those that enjoy working out in a group environment taught by a personal trainer
  • Our body transformation program will educate you in correct techniques whilst enjoying a fun and effective workout
  • With MyZone heart rate monitor technology you get the best of every workout

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Small Group Training

  • We educate you throughout so you can take away these essential habits for life
  • 6 weeks and you can completely change your life and the way you think about training and eating
  • Work out in a small group with like-minded people training up close with a personal trainer this makes it an affordable personal training option

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Personal Training

We are all different with different goals and needs, we react differently to food and exercise. Some of us cannot commit to regular times and days and need to fit training in around our work and family commitments. Personal Training is specific to your goals and needs, its tailored to you and you alone. You get 1:1 attention from your trainer so that every aspect of your training gets 100% focus.

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Buggy Beat

This is great post-natal workout where you don’t have the hassle of finding childcare, paying extra, wasting time dropping baby off and picking baby up, you just turn up with baby and buggy and both enjoy getting some fresh air whilst getting back into shape.

To let you see how great our classes are we want to give you the opportunity to come and meet us and try a class for free!

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Fitness Pilates

  • Build strong core muscles to support your spine & protect vital organs
  • Fitness Pilates is a modern adapted class using the foundations of Pilates
  • Fitness Pilates is a group exercise class using the original teachings of Joseph Pilates delivered in a modern functional group setting​
  • Fitness Pilates addresses basic postural imbalances, improves back and core strength and enhances mobility and flexibility
  • Its an all inclusive program designed to strengthen weaker areas of the body and suitable for all levels of fitness.

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Freestyle Fitness Yoga

In Freestyle Fitness Yoga, we concentrate on the physical aspect, using Yoga postures, stretches and balances, combining these with fitness principles that endorse strength, stability and increase flexibility. The movements in Freestyle Fitness Yoga are much more fluid providing your body with a gentle yet powerful workout.

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