Fitness Unit Nutrition

What We Do for Healthy Nutrition?

Nutrition is the foundation for any client wanting to improve their overall health, energy, fat loss efforts and improved mental focus. Our nutrition protocols improve the body from the inside, because only then can your body begin to feel and look good on the outside. For many of you starting out on your health and fitness journey making changes in the early stages can be tough so we re on hand to support you..
We want you to embrace the new habits we are trying to build with you in order for you to look, feel and perform at your best. If you can take the approach that this is a lifestyle change rather than a ‘diet’ than your chances of success are much higher. The word ‘diet’ often implies restriction for many people; both in terms of calories and foods they can no longer eat. This immediately sets a negative tone and from our experience positive mind-set is crucial to achieving the results you dream of.
We will give you tools and support to enable you to create a balanced diet and a more active lifestyle. We look at all the different diet protocols to find what works best for you without the need for shakes or pills but eating real food.
Weight management and health has never been more important. We focus on flexible eating and teach you how to manage your nutrition so that you do not have to give up the foods and drinks that you enjoy. We show you how to maximise fat loss without having to keep jumping on the scales. Changing your habits and mindset to ensure that you look and feel amazing.

  • Develop meal plans
  • Nutritional science research
  • Clients health needs & weekly meal plans
  • Nutritional Guidance