Success Stories

Success Stories

5 stars
I joined Fitness Unit, as i wasn’t confident enough to go to the
‘normal’ gym, I knew nothing about excersises had no stamina and had
low self esteem. I saw on the video that Fitness Unit runs classes for
people of all shapes and abilities. Joining Rachel’s semi private group
was the best possible decision.
Sessions were great fun, and Rachel was always well prepared and gave loads of hinds
how maximise your results
Speaking of results:
-10cm from waist
-4.3% in body fat
+5% muscle
+100% confidence
Robert Komorowski

I love the Unit. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and always always
welcoming. The classes are fun and aimed at all levels which i love and gave
me the confidence to try out lots of different ones. Brian has been and is still amazing
with my running. Jason was awesome for all around fitness. Rachel for buggy fit and
getting me introduced to the gym. And Anita for being lovely and
answering all of my questions
Amy Lewis
I’ve been attending The Fitness Unit for nearly a year now and I’d
highly recommend it. It’s not just a gym it’s a family. Everyone supports
each other, young and old, all abilities. Classes are smaller than regular gyms
so you get the advice you need to ensure your working out correctly. The trainers
are the best, encouraging you to give your all and I love the banter
that goes with it. I feel healthier and stronger. Bring on the next year
Jenny Green

I LOVE this gym. I joined in April 2019, arriving as very overweight and
unfit-having was made to feel extremely welcome by everyone and soon learnt
that the gym welcomes all ages and abilitis. Training was at my pace and constantly changing to challenge me.
My fitness level has improved greatly already. Anita, Rachel and the team
should be very proud. They are all so friendly and welcoming. It gets a big Thumbs up from me.

The Fitness Unit helped me change my life! I was enveloped by the family of
trainers and they all supported and encourged me on my 2 Yr journey (no quick fixes I’m afraid) from a 18stone plodder to a 10
stone loon! What’s more is that I lost the weight 4 yrs ago have had another baby and although
I’m not as fit as I’d like to be (might need a kick up the bum) I’ve kept it off! HRH Anita Bond PT I love u more than you could ever know!
Thank you for believing in me when I’d lost hope in myself – u are my real life guardian angel.
I miss you XXXXX
Shannon Dunnett

I have been going to the Fitness Unit for over 10 years now and i love it.
The staff know their stuff and push you to achieve your goals. The
people are all friendly and different shapes and sizes and abilities so no
intimidation and everyone is able to join In on all the exercises. In
also use the 1:1 Personal training and have seen results in my fitness due to this.
Would highly recommend the Fitness Unit.
Christina Wise

5 Stars
Unlike any gym i have been to before, definitely the best in
Suffolk! All the instructors are very friendly and professional. I
have seen a massive improvement in my body, which i don’t think I could have achieved without my personal trainer Anita Bond! Would highly recommend using this gym if you want fast results.‚Äč
Steph Ziza